A Key to Loving and Enjoying Earth Life is to Know Thyself

Time for us as Lightworkers to take responsibility for self – to honour the truth of the God within and to act and respond accordingly – to make a difference – it begins with self – unplug now from the 'safety in numbers', from the mind control, from the fear grids, release all identification with and from outside of self – engage, be and hold a presence of love - your own source presence – choose to clear, cleanse, integrate, balance and align all four faces of God, the Spiritual, the Mental, the Emotional, the Physical Face - to make self safe host for Spirit. Take one step at a time in clearing out all fear and faulty patterning and programming to replace with new love based patterns and habits. Choose to make a difference – KNOW THYSELF – release all attachment to people, places and things, release all judgments and expectations – ever increase ones level of positive regard of self. Love thyself, all of self, that we may love other accordingly, honour all feelings – feelings are the eyes of the heart – to be here now, present, conscious and aware in all moments we must feel – accept, be grateful, release and transform the old to make space for the new – in each and every moment we have a choice – just one – LOVE!

Unplug from the fear matrix – clear and cleanse self of all fear based patterning and programming – As a Lightworker Upon Planet Earth it is our responsibility to wake up to mass consciousness negative ego and disengage now – time to KNOW THYSELF – to make a stand in of and for love – to be self determining – to exercise our free will to make a stand in of and for love – to lead by example in choosing the new in the restoration of harmony – to exercise our power of choice - our will to love and love we will – to embrace courage – to be fully present conscious and aware in all moments – to hold steady in the light – to always be in discernment, no matter what no matter who – to embrace daily processing and energy hygiene to maintain our clarity as we live within a system still contaminated with fear/negative ego/glamour/illusion/separative victim consciousness - what would love do now? what would love to next?!

Blessings of Arcturian Light,

much love,